A request is hereby granted for an extension to August 5, 2005 at 5:30PM EST.


CLARIFICATIONS - Posted 16-Aug-2005 at 12:00AM EST

Q. Please provide greater details on the specification of interior and exterior destination signs. What is the minimum height from the interior ceiling of the bus? Please expand on specification that signboards should not be less than 195cm from the floor of the bus.

A. The electronic display shall have a minimum display area of 20 characters (35 mm in height) on one line.

The electronic display shall use LED (8 x 96 pixels minimum) or LCD technology.

The electronic display shall have backlighting capabilities.

The electronic display shall be designed for communications with typical onboard interfaces (J-1708 or RS485).

The electronic display shall function within the operating voltage range of 10VDC - 32VDC.

The electronic display shall have a maximum power consumption of 2A at a nominal voltage of 24V.

The electronic display shall be designed for operation in the typical ambient environment as described in Section 4.4.3 of the Overall Requirements.


Posted 15-Aug-2005 at 7:45PM EST.

Agenda for AVL Vendor Site Visit

August 18, 2005

Jamaica Urban Transit Company Limited

Lyndhurst Road Depot

26 Lyndhurst Road , Kingston 5

Conference Room (3 rd Floor)


  1. Pickup of AVL Vendors at the Jamaica Pegasus 9:15AM
  2. Introductions 9:30-9:40AM
  3. Tour of Depot Operations 9:40 10:30AM
  4. Bus Inspection 10:30 12:00PM
  5. Lunch 12:00 1:00PM
  6. Tour of Service Area 1:00PM 3:00PM
  7. Q&A Session 3:30 4:45PM
  8. Drop-off AVL Vendors at the Jamaica Pegasus 5:00PM

Suggested Hotels:

Jamaica Pegasus

81 Knutsford Boulevard , Kingston 5

Tel: 876-926-3690

Fax: 876-929-5855


Hilton Kingston (walking distance from the Jamaica Pegasus)

77 Knutsford Boulevard , Kingston 5

Tel: 876-926-5430

Fax: 876-929-7439

OR Hilton-Direct @ 1-800-321-3232


Courtleigh Hotel & Suites (walking distance from the Jamaica Pegasus)

85 Knutsford Boulevard , Kingston 5

Tel: 876-929-9000

Fax: 876-926-7744



Brian Tulloch , Systems Engineer Information Technology, JUTC

Tel: 876-749-3196 (work)

876-749-0413 (direct line)

876-531-8592 (cell)


CLARIFICATIONS - Posted 12-Aug-2005 at 8:00PM EST.

Q. What are the model numbers for the Hanover/Mobitec destination signs?


Fleet Type Hanover Mobitec
Volvo B7F (TORINO) 01DXXXX N/A N/A 16x91-15 F244610-18
  00DXXXX N/X N/A 16x91-15 FD244610-98
Volvo B10M Articulated (JONCKEERE) 98BXXXX N/A N/A N/A N/A
  00BXXXX N/A N/A 16x91-15 F244610-18
  99C1XXX N/A N/A 16x91-15 FD244610-98
  02C1XXX N/A N/A 16x91-15 F244610-18
Volvo B7R (Mistral)       16x91-15 F244610-18
Volvo B7R (Brazil) (TORINO) 02D13XX 96x16-4L M018C/BC/F N/A N/A
Volvo B10M Bi-Articulated 01EXXXX N/A N/A 16x91-15 F244610-18
MAN 02FXXXX N/A N/A 16x42-10 FD241810-08
Benz Catosa 98GXXXX N/A N/A N/A N/A
Benz Marcopolo 99HXXXX N/A N/A 13x119-15M 2243910-98


Q. Does the JUTC require the on-bus video system recording part-time or all the time?

A. The JUTC requires the on-bus video system recording at all times.


Q. Whose responsibility will it be for the insurance of equipment after the warranty period has ended?

A. It would be JUTC's responsibility, however as per schedule A -Optional Components, the vendor may feel free to suggest an optional extended warranty for 5 and 10 years after warranty expires.


Q. How does the JUTC expect to get bus/route/driver information to the AVL system through the Trapeze and Wayfarer Systems?

A. Because the JUTC will not be using MDTs initially, the proposed solution must accommodate the setting of this information from the Central System by a Supervisor/Dispatcher at Control Centre.


Q. What is the interface for the JUTC destination signs (ports and protocols)?

A. Protocols Hanover

- unassigned

SIGN - HCP (Hanover Communications Protocol)

DIAG - Diagnostic program

TERM - Remote operation using a terminal emulator on a PC

SOCRIE-A - SOCRIE protocol using base 16 encoding (0123456789:;< = >?)

SOCRIE-B - SOCRIE protocol using ascii-hex encoding (0123456789ABCDEF)

Port assignments

0 RS485 SIGN


2 Reserved -

3 Reserved -

5 Reserved -

Protocols Mobitec

IBIS or RS 485


CLARIFICATIONS - Posted 10-Aug-2005 at 6:00PM EST.

Q. What kind of equipment will be used for Traffic Signal Priority (TSP)

A. The following equipment is being used by the National Works Agency (NWA) Traffic Management Centre (TMC) and at traffic lights: Hardware - McCain Traffic Supply; Software - QuicNet/4 by BI Tran

Parent Company:

McCAIN Traffic Supply
2575 Pioneer Avenue
Vista, CA 92083
Tel: 760-727-8100
Fax: 760-727-8264

Central Software - QuicNet 4
Local Intersection Software BiTran 233

BiTrans System
510 Bercut Drive, Suite R
Sacramento, California 95814
Tel: 916-441-0260
Contact Person: Jerry Bloodgood


Q. What kind of interfaces are available for on-bus ticketing equipment e.g. Ethernet, J1708, RS232, etc.?

A. There are no interfaces available on the current bus ticketing equipment. Any required interfaces would have to be customized based on desired connectivity.


Q. Can the JUTC provide an amplifier listing for buses with annunciators (internal)?

A. The JUTC has only 20 buses, the Volvo Mistral buses, with internal Public Address system. The amplifier specification is as follows: Blaupunkt BCA 46 Control Amplifier

Operating voltage: -24 V

Max Current drain: 4 A

Max Input level

Radio: 2 V

Tape: 2 V

Aux: 2 V

Video: 2V

Frequency Response: 40 Hz 20 kHz

THD (1 kHz): < 0.2 %

Balance setting: 0 dB to 15 dB

Bass setting: ± 7 dB

Treble setting: ± 8 dB

Microphone Operation

Microphone type: Dynamic

Frequency response: 100 Hz to 6.5 kHz

Relay output: max. 24 V / 5 A


CLARIFICATIONS - Posted: August 08, 2005

Q. Can JUTC provide a sample of it's network diagram.

A. JUTC's Network Diagram

CLARIFICATIONS - Posted 05-Aug-2005 at 9:00PM EST.

Q. How does the JUTC currently use and how does JUTC plan to use GIS Based applications in its operations?

A. Current:

GIS is used to assist in the Bus Stop Rationalization Process.

This will allow for the reference of each bus stop in the KMTR and measurements between respective bus stops. This information will then be used to adhere to an international standard regarding the distance between bus stops and upon completion of the exercise the average distance between stops on all routes will be consistent with the standard


The GIS software will be used along with the Scheduling Software, Trapeze, to minimize dead mileage and determine alternate routes in the event of detours and road closures that will minimize the distance traveled by the buses on a daily basis.

The GIS software will also be used in the charter process to determine distances and assist in the pricing process of the locations we currently provide charter service to. Hence, traveling to the same destination via different routes in the event of hazards e.g. flooding will attract a different cost. This will be applied to the alternative scenarios so that the planning process can better represent a market price.

The GIS software will also be used to maintain a consistent database on each bus stop with associated attribute s with an appreciation of the spatial and geographical distribution of these stops.

It will also be used as a store demographic data.

GIS will assist in the route network analysis to reduce and or eliminate unacceptable overlaps in routes.

It will also indicate if the distances from communities to the nearest bus stops are exc essive , this will prevent passengers from walking for distances too long from their point of abode to the point where they seek public transportation.

The Service Planning department will use it to determine where schedules are posted.

It will be used to track accidents in the JUTC. Are accidents occurring in particular geographical locations and make recommendations to determine how those locations could be treated to minimize or eliminate accidents.

CLARIFICATIONS - Posted 05-Aug-2005 at 5:30PM EST

Q. Can the JUTC please provide GPRS contacts to the mobile companies?

A. Cable & Wireless Anthony Miller - Tel: 876-936-2025

Digicel Chris Hayman Tel: 876-469-4876


Q. What are the width of the doors on the JUTC buses

Doorway Dimensions
Fleet Type Height (mm) Front Max. Width (mm) Front Min. Width (mm) Rear Max. Width (mm) Rear Min. Width (mm)
Volvo B7F 2360 1300 1200 1300 1200
Volvo B10M Articulated 2280 1300 1200 1300 1200
Volvo B10M 2280 1300 1200 960 780
Volvo B7R (Mistral)          
Volvo B7R (Brazil) 2180 1080 1010 760 720
Volvo B10M Bi-Articulated          
Benz Catosa 2230 820 650 840 650
Benz Marcopolo 2180 1080 1010 760 720


CLARIFICATIONS - Posted 31-Jul-2005


From Site Visit

July 26 & 27, 2005



Q. What is the level of bond to be expected?

A. The JUTC will be expecting a 1% performance bond of the amount tendered, which will be refunded at the end of the warranty period of the project.


Q. Is the General Consumption Tax (GCT) of 16.5% applicable to this procurement?

A. GCT is NOT applicable for this procurement


Q. Why is there a US$2,000 non-refundable Tender Security applicable to the procurement

A. The Tender Security is used to recover the JUTC tender and specification development costs.


Q. What NCC registration is applicable to the JUTC AVL Request for Tenders (RFT)

A. Once registered with the NCC as Providers of Goods and Services you may participate in this JUTC RFT. However, Tenderers must have demonstrated experience and expertise in the field of AVL/M, APC and On-vehicle video camera implementation and support.


Q. How flexible is the time-line for implementation?

A. There will be some flexibility allowed in the timeline for implementation


Q. What are the approximate JUTC operational hours?

A. The JUTC has operating hours from 4:00 am 12:00 am . The company however has buses on the road 24 hours each day as the company provides a staff bus pickup service for early morning operation.


Q. Why does the JUTC specify AutoCad and Adobe Acrobat format for drawings?

A. The JUTC has applications in-house which allow the viewing of drawings using these formats.


Q. Is the JUTC willing to evaluate radio solutions for the procurement?

A. The JUTC will not reject tenders proposing a radio solution as an alternative to the transmission of voice and data. However the Tenderer must clearly justify their proposed solution as being as or more reliable than a GSM/GPRS solution.


Q. Should the telecommunication cost for data transmission services be included as part of the tender proposal?

A. Yes.


Q. How does JUTC require service and maintenance at the end of the warranty period.

A. As per Schedule A, the Tenderer must specify a costing for service and maintenance of all software and hardware for a period of 10 years.


Q. What modules of Trapeze Software will JUTC be using?

A. Recently installed FX/Blockbuster modules which are expected to go live in January 2006. OPS and PLAN modules to be implemented between January and August 2006.


Q. Who will be responsible for developing the interface with Trapeze Software

A. The Vendor will be totally responsible for developing the interface to Trapeze and ensuring the reliability and functionality of the interface.


Q. Can we take pictures of the buses?

A. Yes, vendors are allowed to take pictures of the buses.


Q. Will IBI Group (the JUTC AVL Consultants) be involved any further in the tender?

A. Yes, they will assist the JUTC in evaluating the submitted bids


Q. Is it possible that JUTC may remove either passenger counter and/or video cameras as a core requirement in the tender?

A. Yes.


Q.  Is the JUTC requirement that the reliability of APC counters be 95% or greater non-negotiable?

A. Yes. The vendor is not expected to take into consideration operational situations such as roadside vendors boarding the bus or people standing in the doorways. These factors will not be used when determining APC reliability.


Q. What version of Wayfarer equipment is being used on bus?

A. Wayfarer 3 Electronic Ticketing Machines (ETMs)


Q. What Wayfarer Software is used for data collection and reporting?

A. Wayfarer Inform for reporting, Wayfarer Connect for data communication, Waycon for Fare Configuration and SmarTrack for smart card management


Q. Does the JUTC envision a unified sign-on eventually for Driver & Conductor through the AVL system for ETMs.

A.  Yes.


Q.  How often does the JUTC change schedules/rosters

A.  6 times per year. Approximate timelines of schedule changes are as follows: Jan (Back to School), Apr (Easter), Apr (Back to School), Jul/Aug (Summer), Sep(Back to School), Dec (Christmas)


Q.  Are Tenderers allowed to submit proposals on only a part of the JUTC requirements?

A.  No. The JUTC seeks one complete solution for its AVL/M, Video Camera and APC needs. Tenderers not being able to meet the full requirements are advised to partner with other Tenderers. Only complete solutions will be considered.


Q. Can the JUTC provide the NCC list of approved suppliers for goods and services?

A. Please see


Q.  Are the JUTC bus roofs fibre glass or metal?

A. Fibreglass


Q. What is JUTC's estimated budget for this procurement?

A. This information is NOT available to vendors.


Q.  Does the JUTC have a preferred vendors list for service providers e.g. installer, etc.

A. No. Once the provider is NCC registered they may do business with the JUTC.


Q.  Which company do we currently use for Mobile Closed User Group (CUG) services?

A. Cable & Wireless


Q.  Should the failure of SIM cards be included in the specified MTBF?

A.  Yes


Q.  Is temperature range between 20C and -25C acceptable for equipment

A.  Yes.


Q. What is the voltage for the buses (12 or 24 volts)?

A. Most are 24 Volts, but some (CATOSA) are 12 Volts.


Q. How should APC data be downloaded?

A. Via WLANs at depot upon return of bus at the end of the day.


Q. How many installation bays can be made available for AVL installations?

A. The JUTC envisions at least 4 bays will be made available. No guarantee can be made on availability at this time. The Tenderers should use the tender documents and specified timelines to make estimations on installation time.


Q. Does JUTC have secure storage where installation materials could be kept during the implementation period?

A. Yes. However Vendor will retain complete responsibility for the safety and security of their equipment and material.


Q. Does the JUTC have adequate rack space for installation of additional communication/networking components?

A. The Tenderer should assume that the JUTC does NOT have adequate space for these components.


Q. What data is input to the Electronic Fare Collection ETM on bus?

A. Driver Signs On followed by Conductor Sign On next a Route is entered followed by direction and then tickets are issued. The Conductor updates stage information as the bus proceeds along the route. The Conductor enters an End of Trip (EOT) instruction at the end of each one-directional trip. At the end of duty Conductor Signs off followed by Driver Signoff.

CLARIFICATIONS - Posted 25-Jul-2005

Q. Is it possible to get a MS Word version of the RFP emailed to me?

A. Unfortunately, not at this time. I will try to make one available during the course of this week.

CLARIFICATIONS - Posted 22-Jul-2005

Q. Are you looking for a stand a lone or an internet based ASP solution? 

A. The vendor may specify either.

Q. Additionally, you mention in your invitation that you want video cameras.  Are you looking to store the video to a local VCR/DVR in the bus or stream the video over the wireless network? 

A. We are looking for a local (i.e. in bus) solution intially with the capability for expansion at a later time to a streaming solution if required.

Q. Is the RFP for cameras only or is it also for mobile VCR or mobile DVR?  

A. The RFP requires a complete solution for video on buses including mobile DVR

Q. If you already have the VCR/DVR what brand/model are you currently using?

A. We do not currently have any video on our buses.

CLARIFICATIONS - Posted 21-Jul-2005

Q. What format is the mapping example: Arcinfo, Mapinfo etc.  Does it have attribute data associated with it such as road names, address range etc.?

A. The mapping format is Arcinfo and only some road names are available on the map. Address range is not currently available.

Q. On your site visit agenda, you mention on the second day there is: Demonstration of AVL Pilot Operations 10:30-12:00PM, does this mean you already have a company with AVL equipment in one of your buses that you have been piloting/testing?  If so, can you tell us whose equipment you have been piloting/testing?

A. The JUTC is currently piloting AVL technology on 28 buses using RASTRAC software and Enfora hardware GPS/GPRS devices. This is very basic pilot to familiarize operational staff with the technology and prove its application in JUTC's operational environment.

Q. Are you able to provide a list of the buses in question for APC equipment with regard to manufacturer/bus type/year of manufacture, number of doors and width of the doors?

A. All the information requested above except the number of doors and width of doors is available in Schedule D of the Tender Documentation. JUTC buses consist of single operator (single door), single operator (double door), regular (double door), articulated buses (three doors) and bi-articulated buses (4 doors). Volvo Buses with model# B10MA and B10M-ARTIC are articulated buses. There are two bi-articulated buses in the fleet (model#:B10-BIARTIC). Buses with chassis make MAN are single door buses. All other buses in the fleet have two doors. The width of the doors will be provided early next week.

CLARIFICATIONS - Posted 20-Jul-2005

Q. What type of mapping is available for your area?

A. The JUTC has a digital centerline map of our service area.

Q. Where do I send payment for the tender documents?

A. Attention: Purchasing Manager

Jamaica Urban Transit Company Limited

Michael Manley Drive

Twickenham Park , St. Catherine


Tel: 876-749-3196

NOTE: Once payment has been dispatched you may send your tracking number to or and the documents will then be emailed to you.

Q. Do you need any special Visa or Custom Entry requirements for the Site Visit?

A. The JUTC has been advised by our local Immigration Office that there are NO special requirements. Only your ticket and passport is required. However, you should check with your travel agent or the Jamaican Mission for your country to be sure. A link to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade is below.

CLARIFICATIONS - Posted 19-Jul-2005

Q. Is the Site Visit Mandatory?

A. The site visit is not mandatory but strongly advised

Q. Please provide details about Site Visit


Agenda for AVL Vendor Site Visit

July 26 and 27, 2005

Jamaica Urban Transit Company Limited

Lyndhurst Road Depot

26 Lyndhurst Road , Kingston 5

Conference Room (3 rd Floor)


Day 1 July 26

  1. Pickup of AVL Vendors at the Jamaica Pegasus 9:15AM
  2. Introductions 9:30-9:40AM
  3. Q&A Session 9:40 10:30AM
  4. Bus Inspection 10:30 12:00PM
  5. Lunch 12:00 1:00PM
  6. Tour of Service Area 1:00PM 3:00PM
  7. Drop-off AVL Vendors at the Jamaica Pegasus 3:30PM


Day 2 July 27

  1. Pickup of AVL Vendors at the Jamaica Pegasus 9:15AM
  2. Q&A Followup / Clarification / Information Requests 9:30 10:30AM
  3. Demonstration of AVL Pilot Operations 10:30 12:00PM
  4. Lunch 12:00 1:00PM
  5. Tour of Depot Operations 1:00PM 3:00PM
  6. Drop-off AVL Vendors at the Jamaica Pegasus 3:30PM


Suggested Hotels


Jamaica Pegasus

81 Knutsford Boulevard , Kingston 5

Tel: 876-926-3690

Fax: 876-929-5855


Hilton Kingston (walking distance from the Jamaica Pegasus)

77 Knutsford Boulevard , Kingston 5

Tel: 876-926-5430

Fax: 876-929-7439

OR Hilton-Direct @ 1-800-321-3232


Courtleigh Hotel & Suites (walking distance from the Jamaica Pegasus)

85 Knutsford Boulevard , Kingston 5

Tel: 876-929-9000

Fax: 876-926-7744



Nimal Amitirigala , Manager Information Technology, JUTC

Tel: 876-749-3196 (work)

876-749-3767 (direct line)

876-531-8632 (cell)


CLARIFICATIONS - Posted 13-Jul-2005

Q. Can you tell me if an dollar amount or % of price for the Performance Bond is specified in the RFP. I can't seem to find it. Thank you.

A. No amount or percentage has been specified for the Performance Bond. This will be negotiated with the selected vendor before contract signing.

Q. How do I get information on requirements for doing business in Jamaica

A. The Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO) has comprehensive information on doing business in Jamaica and a Business Facilitation Unit which should be able to guide you.

Additionally, the tender web page at also has some useful information. [BELOW]







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