The JUTC endorses the full participation of all citizens in the social and economic life of Jamaica. Mobility for all persons, including those who are physically or otherwise challenged, is a key element in realizing such a goal. As such the JUTC offers among its service types a specialized service for persons with disabilities.

Special Service Routes

Special units are currently serving three routes. These are:


Route 101: Portmore – Constant Spring via Washington Blvd., Molynes Rd.

Passenger transfer point – Half Way Tree.


Route 102: Harbour View – August Town via Downtown, Half Way Tree, Hope Rd.

Passenger transfer point – Half Way Tree.


Route 103: Spanish Town – Cross Roads via Washington Blvd., Molynes Rd.

Passenger transfer point – Half Way Tree.

All three routes converge at Half Way Tree where passengers from any of these units are allowed to do a free transfer to any of the other two units depending on their final destination. For example a passenger who lives in Portmore and wishes to go to Papine may transfer from the 101 to the 102 in Half Way Tree without paying an additional fare.

Institutions served Include:

1. Route 101
  • The Abilities Foundation
  • Windsor Learning Resource Centre
2. Route 102
  • School of Hope
  • Lister Mair-Gilby Senior School for the Deaf
  • Danny Williams School
  • Carberry Court Special School
  • Mona Rehabilitation Center / Sir John Golding Rehabilitation Center
  • Jamaica Society for the Blind
3. Route 103
  • Windsor Learning Resource Centre


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