Question: What does the Acronym JUTC mean?
Answer: Jamaica Urban Transit Company
Question: Does the JUTC have any affiliation to Montego Bay Metro(MM)?
Answer: No. MM and JUTC are different entities with different board of directors and management teams.
Question: What do the different colour patches on the JUTC units signify?

These colour patches denote the depot the bus is assigned to:

Spanish Town Depot YELLOW
Rockfort Depot RED
Portmore Depot PURPLE
Question: What is the JUTC SMART CARD?
Answer: This is a “cashless system” of bus fare payment, which JUTC commuters can use for travel within the Kingston Metropolitan Transportation Region (KMTR). The card is reusable and rechargeable and should not be thrown away – similar to a credit card.
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Question: What is the size and “make up” of the JUTC fleet?
Answer: The fleet size is now approximately 460 buses and including the artic, bi-artic, buses for the handicapped and luxury coaches. The most common make in the fleet is Volvo.
Question: How is bus frequency (time between buses) determined?

All bus schedules are prepared based on

1. Traffic conditions
2. Time of day (i.e. peak or off peak)
3. Expected passenger loads
4. Number of buses available
5. Length of route
6. Time taken to complete the route

* Based on the afore- mentioned factors, the frequency required to satisfy passenger demand is then determined.

Question: Are crews trained?

All JUTC bus operatorsare trained for a period of at least 6 – 8 weeks. The course includes:

1. Defensive Driving
2. Schedule Adherence and Time Management
3. Auto mechanics
4. Customer Service

Conductors / Conductresses (Customer Service Agents – CSA’s) are trained by the Transport Authority and the JUTC training team.

Question: Are there rules governing how JUTC's commuters should conduct themselves when traveling?

JUTC has a list of common-sense rules to ensure the safety of all passengers, drivers and Conductors / Conductresses (Customer Service Agents – CSA’s). We ask that all passengers observe the following Rules of Conduct:

1. No smoking on the vehicles.
2. Riders shall maintain appropriate and reasonable personal hygiene.
3. No eating or drinking is allowed on-board (unless required for health reasons).
4. No riding with open containers of alcohol or with illegal drugs.
5. No abusive, threatening, or obscene language or actions.
6. No fare evasion.
7. No physical abuse of another rider or any crew member.
8. No playing of radios, cassette tape players, or compact disc players (without headphones), or other noisy equipment while on-board.
10. No operating or tampering with any vehicle equipment.
11. Littering is prohibited.
12. Shirts and shoes or other footwear must be worn.
13. Baby strollers must be folded and stowed so as not to block the aisle or cause injury to persons on the bus.
14. Heads, arms and other body parts must be kept inside the bus.
15. Objects must not be thrown from the bus window.
16. Parents must control children.
17. The transportation of flammable or explosive materials on JUTC buses is prohibited. It is illegal to transport flammable or explosive materials on public passenger vehicles.
18. Dangerous weapons are prohibited on JUTC buses.

Riders who violate rules of courtesy and conduct, may be subject to penalties, up to and including removal from buses.



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