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In 1995, the Government took the decision to restructure the sector and invest in the required infrastructure to bring order to public transportation. Consequently, Metropolitan Management Transport Holdings (MMTH) was established in 1995 to develop the infrastructure and the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) was established in 1998 to provide a centrally managed state-of-the-art public bus service. This was done at a cost of $6 Billion because of our commitment as a government to an efficient transport system and the cries of the Jamaican people for a decent bus service.

The JUTC was designed to be a safe, modern and reliable system of transport, efficiently operated at a reasonable cost to commuters. This involved the construction of five depots within the Kingston, Portmore and Spanish Town areas. These depots are located at Ashenheim Road, Lyndhurst Road, Rockfort, Twickenham Park and Greater Portmore.

We have also achieved:

  • The acquisition of some 648 Volvo and Mercedes Benz buses at prices ranging from $3.3 Million to $11.5 Million per unit .
  • Acquisition of special buses for the handicapped.
  • Thirty single operated MAN buses for hilly routes.
  • Twenty Luxury coaches for premium services.
  • An electronic fare collection system.
  • A comprehensive training programme for staff.

In addition, the Company is reorganizing the existing route structure to ensure the most convenient service to commuters, in keeping with up-to-date origin and destination patterns. Benchmarks have been set and a number of uneconomic routes, where commuter usage is low, are being reconfigured.

The JUTC has brought about major changes in the quality and image of public transport. We have improved on the comfort and convenience of the service for passengers with a menu of services never before seen in public transport in Jamaica. This includes services for physically challenged, premium express services, and charter services.

We have also introduced new state-of-the-art technology including the electronic fare collection system of which the Smart Card is a part. Thousands of commuters now use Smart Cards and usage is growing.

We operate on the principle that a safe efficient and reliable public transport is essential to the economic well-being and productivity of the people of the KMTR. The bus system is the principal means of transport for our workforce, our students and the majority of the commuting public. We believe the JUTC buses are to economic productivity what the airlines are to the tourism industry. Last year, the people of the KMTR took in excess of 74 million rides on the JUTC buses.

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