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Centralisation of Maintenance Services

In an effort to bring about greater all-round efficiency within the JUTC’s maintenance portfolio, to resolve problems like undue breakdown, low fleet availability and the resultant poor overall service to the commuting public, a focus has been under way for some time now to remedy the situation through centralisation of the Maintenance Department at the Ashenhein Road Service Depot.

This, of course, is within the ambit of general recognition that the problem of inadequate maintenance has been significantly impacted by lack of resources such as spare parts, tools and other equipment, along with the absence of specialised training for maintenance staff across the company’s network.

The centralisation of major repairs and the general preventative maintenance functions at the Ashenheim Road Depot is aimed at not only improving the quality of repair works generally, but also promoting greater efficiency in the overall maintenance operations. It is intended to achieve this through the centralisation of the best available team of technicians and supervisors to undertake preventative maintenance and major repair works.

New addition to the JUTC fleet

Two consignments of 50 buses each were added to the JUTC fleet this year, making for a total of 200 Volvo and VDL buses from Belgium that have been added to the fleet since January 2009. The new buses are all air-conditions with state-of-the are features, including surveillance facilities and other public safety features. 

New batch of specialised buses to serve the disabled community

A batch of new and highly specialised buses has been acquired by the JUTC to serve the disabled community. The three new units, which are equipped with ramps and other facilities to especially accommodate wheelchair-bound commuters, will augment three others which were previously in the company’s fleet.

The new acquisition forms part of the ongoing fleet upgrade from VDL Jonckheere in Belgium, from where large numbers of Volvo and VDL buses have been bought for the JUTC.

The specialised units are operated by staff members who are trained in respect of the sensitivity and patience that are required to adequately serve the disabled community.


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