Since the Jamaica Urban Transit Co. took over public transportation, our aim has been excellence. Since the take over, the service offered to commuters has significantly improved. Buses are clean, crews are well trained and buses run according to schedule. Therefore, in a bid to continue to (and improve) provide a first rate transportation system the Premium Express Service was introduced.

The aims of the premium service are;

1. To provide a safe and comfortable alternative to individuals driving to work
  Enhance performance on the job. This can be attained by ensuring commuters get to work in a relaxed frame of mind.
3. Provide a dependable, time based service.

The Premium Express buses are luxury buses. Features include;

1. Buses are elevated – The Volvo company (makers of the premium buses) is also well known for its rigid safety standards
2. Individual lights – Passengers are allowed the option of turning on the lights to read or turning off the lights to sleep.
3. Individual A/C ducts – This allows commuters some amount of control as far the temperature of their individual space is concerned.
4. Foot rests – These adds to overall comfort and circulation.
5. Reclineable seats
6. Carpeted interior
7. Low soothing music – The level and type of music is chosen according to the need or directive of the passengers.
8. Extra Smooth ride – The suspension system utilized in these buses makes for a smoother ride.

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