JUTC prescribed fare regular service is authorised under the Transport Authority Act. The company also has Express Services and Charter Services. Fares for the Charter, Express and Premium Express services are established by the company.

If using cash please try to have the exact fare ready when you board, if using a JUTC Smarter Card, the charge for the commute will be deducted from the balance on the card. In both cases, check your ticket stub to ensure that you were charged the correct amount.

There are no concessionary fares on the Express or Premium Express Routes.

Fare Categories Fares
Concessionary Fares - Regular Service $30.00
Concessionary Fares - Regular Service Seniors $40.00
Adult fares - Regular Service $120.00
Express Route: 73Ax $120.00
Express Routes: 32Ax, 32Ex, 42Ex, 44Ex, 46Ex, 47Ex, 50Ex, 51Ex, 72Ex, 74Ex, 75Ex, 77Ex, 78Ex, 83Ex, 95Ex,97Ex, 98Ex, 99Ex $130.00
Express Routes: 3Ax, 8Ax, 12Ax, 16Bx, 17Ax, 20Ax, 21Ax, 21Ex $160.00
Express Routes: 17Ex,19Ax, 22Bx, 23Bx, 24Ex, 54Ex $180.00
Premium Express Routes:123, 295, 301, 308, 312, 314, 315, 316, 317, 318, 320 $200.00
Premium Express Routes: 121, 124, 125, 126, 127, 129, 303, 319 $220.00
Premium Express Routes: 128 $230.00
Premium Express Routes: 130, 131, 132 $320.00

Adult fares are paid by:

  • Children above the age of eleven (12 and 17 years) not wearing a school uniform
  • Women from age 18 to age 59
  • Men from age 18 to age 64

Concessionary fares are offered only on regular service routes to:

Children- persons aged 6-11 at all times

Students - persons aged 12-18 wearing a school uniform

Seniors - women 60 and over, men 65 and over with age ID

Disabled with ID from Combined Disabilities Association

Who can travel free on the regular service routes?

Children under three (0-2years) as by Transport Authority Act.

Children age 3-5. By special JUTC allowance. One child free per paying adult only. Adults travelling with more than one child age three to age five must pay for each additional child.

ID Contacts

Senior Citizens' ID- National Council for Senior Citizens

11 West Kings House Rd Kgn. 10

Phone 906-9277-8 / 926-2374-5

Disabled ID - Combined Disabilities Association

18 Ripon Road, Kingston 5

Ph - 929-1177

JUTC Toll Free 1-888-588-2287 that is 1-888-JUTC Bus




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